STIGA Advantage [Review]

stiga advantage

See where the STIGA Advantage ranks in our best table tennis tables article.
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Quick Summary

The Stiga Advantage is ideal for competitive fun among family and friends. Thanks to the easy setup feature it takes just 10 minutes to set up and start playing. Safety features keep the table locked in place for stability and uninterrupted play. The table folds in halves that nest together to a compact size for convenient storage that conserves space in your home or office.

  • add_circle_outline Solid construction
  • add_circle_outline QuickPlay system
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Manufacturer features

The Stiga brand is an internationally recognized manufacturer of table tennis equipment. The long-standing company was founded in 1934 in Sweden and continues to deliver highly rated products.  

  • QuickPlay design, 95% pre-assembled, ready to play in 10 min
  • 3″ caster for easy transport
  • 5/8″ tabletop thickness, excellent quality


This table features two independent halves that lock firmly into place when playing. When not in use, the table may be stored by nesting the halves or using them as two separate tables for other purposes. Adjustable leg levelers ensure an even playing surface while the self-opening legs provide dependable support for a solid table. It’s easy to move with locking wheels that allow you to roll it into the perfect position, then simply lock the wheels so the table remains stable.

The table top is crafted of 5/8″ thick high-density MDF materials in a dark blue coloring for durability and exceptional playability. A process of automated repeat roller coating applies paint to the surface, followed by a UV cure that creates a consistent and smooth surface. Silkscreen striping is applied to the tabletop with a finish that is smooth to the touch.

Eight three inch black casters lock into place when the table is in use and unlock for easy rolling across flat surfaces. A safety latch is positioned on the underside of the table to firmly lock the halves in place for use. The apron is constructed of 1.5″ welded steel in a tube style for promoting an even bounce while shoring the entire length of the table with support that prevents warping.

stiga advantage

The 4 legs are arranged in a square configuration and come equipped with adjustable levers and self-opening mechanism for automatic deployment when opened. The cotton blend net is held securely in place by a strong clamp on either side. The exterior steel components are treated with a high-grade powder coating that should make the table rustproof.


The Advantage is a solid table tennis table, made with quality materials that are designed to last. It features a design that makes it convenient to set up for quick play and just as easy to fold up and store. The table is regulation size for tournament play and comes highly recommended by most other users. With high-quality materials, workmanship, and design, this table tennis table meets the criteria for being among the top choices in its class on the market today.


This is not the thinkest table out there, there is no question about it. 5/8 inch is a bit on the low side which will keep the ball from bouncing as high. So if you are an intermediate player that is looking for a club level table you may want to skip this one.

Other than this, there were a few complaints about this table arriving with defects in the table top, e.g. bubbles in the finish, chips on the corner and improperly machined holes in one shipment on the steel legs. Aside from the few incidences of manufacturing defects reported, the overall rating is well above average.


If you are in the market for a good, sturdy table for the office or the garage at home then look no further. The Stiga Advantage is an excellent choice for people who appreciate a high-quality table.

While it is not the best table out there for intermediate-high level players it is more than enough for the casual, recreational player. On top of being a very solid and durable table tennis table, the built-in safety features make it a reliable table for intense gameplay. It comes with all the accouterments that make it easy to set up and just as easy to tear down. This is a highly functional and versatile table tennis table.

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            1. We have a small separated converted garage (entry door and no garage door) that we want to use for a ping pong table. The garage has insulation and drywall but no heat and AC. It does get warm in the summer/cold in winter. Do u recommend an outdoor table for the space?

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