Paddle Palace H2W Touch Pro Review

H2W Touch Pro Review

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Quick Summary

The Paddle Palace H2W Touch Pro is a high-end table tennis robot that is packed full of features. This is the perfect companion for someone who wants to improve their game faster. Although it is an expensive piece of machinery, it offers a lot of value for the money.

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An advanced table tennis robot

Don’t be fooled by the industrial, analog looking design. This is one of the most advanced robots out there. It comes with a touchscreen remote and can be programed to shoot the ball on 22 different spots on the table with any spin and in any order.

Setup is practically non-existent because the robot comes already assembled. You just have to attach the net and you are ready to go. This table tennis robot is a standing type robot and doesn’t need to attach to the table. You just wheel it into the desired position and adjust the height accordingly.

H2W Remote

The H2W has 30 preset drills ranging from easy beginner ones to more advanced ones. But rest assured, you can also program the robot with your very own sequences. Unlike other robots, the H2W is capable of producing all kinds of spin(topspin, sidespin, backspin, no spin and combinations), independent of the ball speed and most importantly it can switch spins in the same drill.

You could, for example, have a short backspin ball followed by a fast topspin to your forehand followed immediately by a flat ball to your backhand. This is incredibly useful as it allows for virtually limitless exercise possibilities.

You could take up some lessons with a table tennis coach and learn some specific drills that target your weaknesses and then just input the sequence into the robot. Practice and profit.

To further improve the training experience, the robot comes with a ball recycling system. The net captures the balls and funnels them back into the robot which basically lets you train until you get tired because you will never run out of balls.

H2W back

The touch remote is very well designed, wireless and will allow you to change the settings or the preset drill right from where you are. It also saves your last used settings in case you are planning to practice the same type of shot for an extended period of time.

Another nice touch is the spin indicator. As you very well know, reading spin and reacting accordingly is one of the most important skills you have to develop when playing table tennis. Right before a ball is shot, the indicator will tell you what type of spin it will have. This will help you learn to read spin much faster.


Its biggest weakness is the price. This is a very expensive table tennis machine that very few players will be able to justify.

Another thing to consider is that fact that because this is a standing robot, it won’t be easy to transport. Unless you have a table tennis table at home or you are planning on getting this robot for the club, transportation can really become a problem.


The Paddle Palace H2W Touch Pro is one of the best table tennis robots available. It is similar in specs and price to the Butterfly Amicus Professional but comes short in portability.

This is definitely not a tool for beginners. It is a fully featured advanced table tennis robot that will allow you to fine-tune your training routine to the finest detail. If you are serious about table tennis, this robot will absolutely prove its worth in time.

Not sure yet? Go over on Amazon to see other reviews for the H2W Touch Pro.

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