iPong V300 Review


iPong v300 review

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Quick Summary

The iPong V300 is the best table tennis robot under $200 you can purchase today. It can produce both backspin and topspin, it is incredibly practical and easy to use and it comes with a wireless remote.

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Manufacturer features

iPong is an US company that specializes in table tennis robots. Here are the V300’s specifications listed on their official website:

  • Holds 100 balls, and shoots up to 90 balls per minute.
  • Wireless Remote Control: On-off, start-pause, memory, Frequency +/-, Oscillation +/-, Topspin +/-, Backspin +/-
  • Dimensions: 19 x 11 inches (48 x 28 cm)
  • Product weight: 2.75 lbs
  • Shipping weight: 5 lbs
  • Box dimensions: 12.5 x 12.5 x 9 inches
  • Includes A/C wall adapter, Tilt Stand
  • Compatibility: All standard size table tennis tables (9’x5′)
  • Warranty: One year limited manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Designed in USA, Made in China

Most practical table tennis robot

This is the most advanced model from iPong and it shows. Besides the awesome, minimalistic design and its price, the added functionality(this one can do both backspin and topspin) and ease of use makes it one of the best entry level robots on the market.

Assembly is pretty straight forward. Out of the box, the robot comes in three pieces that will fit together nicely. This makes it easier to store or fit in a bag. It should take you about 3 minutes from box to playing.

The iPong V300 is very lightweight and easy to use. You just load some ping pong balls, input your preferred settings, plug it in and start playing.

Unlike its lower tier brothers, this one comes with a wireless remote which also allows you to save your settings to memory. This allows you to adjust the ball frequency, spin type or turn on oscillation mode and set the speed. In this mode, the robot will shoot balls alternatively to each side of the table, allowing for a more realistic training session. A wireless remote saves you time and is more useful as you can change the settings on the fly, from wherever you happen to be.

iPong v300 close up

It can hold up to 100 balls and it has a maximum speed of 90 balls per minute which should be more than enough speed even for more advanced players.

The dual wheel head gives the V300 the ability to generate backspin, topspin and sidespin independent of the ball’s speed. This is very useful because unlike other robots, you can actually practice serve receive.

Another, cool thing about this robot is that it comes with some small plastic versions of itself. They serve as targets to improve your aim and let me tell you, they are pretty effective.


Taking into account the very affordable price, we can’t really consider a weakness the lack of features the more expensive robots have. This being said, the V300 doesn’t really have any weaknesses… It used to jam from time to time but since February 2017, there have been a new batch of robots released that specifically addressed this issue and improved on other features.


The V300 is the perfect robot for beginners that need to practice by repetition. First learn the correct way to execute the stroke and then repeat a thousand times with the robot. The oscillator function can also help with footwork and also give you a pretty good cardio workout.

Its small size makes it perfect for home use if you have a table set up. It is a blast to play with your family and considering the price, you will be hard pressed to find a better robot that looks and plays as good as this one.

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            1. Hi,

              I would like to buy following spare parts for my V300 robots please:
              * 2 gear boxes (yellow part) connected to the oscillation motor,
              * 1 wireless remote control.
              Kindly advise?


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