STIGA Supreme Review

STIGA Supreme is an extremely lightweight paddle that is best used by beginners trying to learn the strokes.

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Quick Summary

The Supreme will not give you great speed or lots of spin. It is not intended for advanced or even intermediate players. What it does give you is great control. Those who just started enjoying the game of ping pong will get the most out of this paddle.

  • add_circle_outline Very light
  • add_circle_outline Good Control
  • remove_circle_outline Not much spin
  • remove_circle_outline Slow speed

Manufacturer features

STIGA is one of the best racket makers out there. Their excellent customer support and great product quality have kept their users satisfied to this day.

These are the specifications mentioned on

  • Rubber: Future inverted with ACS technology
  • Handle: Anatomic Italian composite with WRB system
  • Sponge: 2.0mm
  • Blade: 6-ply extra light blade with Tube technology and Crystal Tech technology


The Supreme is made from 6 plies of wood and uses STIGA’s Crystal Tech and Tube technology. This combination results in an extremely light paddle. At 140g you will barely feel it in your hand.

The “Future” inverted rubber combined with the soft 2mm sponge will hold the ball for longer, giving you an increased level of control.

Designed for the player with a more defensive style,  it is best used for blocking and returning the ball on the table.

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The good

Everybody has to start somewhere. So you just discovered the game of table tennis and you are eager to learn all the different stroke types and techniques. The STIGA Supreme will help you do just that.

In the beginning, it is important to keep the ball on the table, not to hit it with lightning speed. Because of its lower speed, the Supreme will allow you to gain confidence in your shot placement and help you develop solid fundamentals.stiga supreme back

Being one of the most lightweight ping pong paddles on the market, a beginner or a defending player will be able to practice for a longer period of time without becoming tired.

It is ITTF approved but you will probably move on to a better paddle by the time you will want to compete in tournaments.

The bad

This racket’s speed and spin are moderate at best. It is aimed at the novice player and it is not trying to hide that. It is able to generate enough spin for serving but not much for anything else.


The racket’s strong points are its light weight and good control. It is perfect for developing good technique and learning to consistently place the ball on the table.

Compared to its brothers the Apex and the Titan it definitely comes out on top. But when you pit it against the Pro Carbon or Evolution it doesn’t stand a chance. An intermediate player or above should not even consider it.

After you become more confident in your abilities you can put this old friend aside and upgrade to a more performance oriented paddle like the STIGA Pro Carbon or the Killerspin Jet 800.

Still not convinced? Go over on Amazon to check what others are saying about the STIGA Supreme.

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