STIGA Evolution Review

STIGA Evolution is an excellent pre-assembled racket that provides an outstanding level of control. Those that play closer to the table will love this one.

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Quick Summary

This paddle was designed for players that want to improve their stroke and require a bit more accuracy. Out of the top five paddles that STIGA makes (Pro Carbon, Evolution, Supreme, Titan and Apex), this one was definitely made with control in mind. It is less speedy than the Pro Carbon but it still packs a lot of power.

  • add_circle_outline Formidable control
  • add_circle_outline Decent spin
  • add_circle_outline Great for defense
  • remove_circle_outline Too light for attacking players

Manufacturer features

For decades, STIGA has been the brand of choice for ping pong players globally. The quality of their products and the superb customer service is the reason why it has been a trusted brand since 1944.

This is what they list as specs on their website:

  • Performance-Level Table Tennis Racket
  • Performance Ratings- Speed: 96 Spin: 94 Control: 90
  • Handle: Concave Pro
  • Rubber: Premium
  • Sponge: 2.0 mm
  • Blade: 6-ply Light


It will not take long before you will notice the Evolution’s excellent craftsmanship. It is “the” shakehand paddle for the intermediate player who wants to land more balls on the table.

Beautifully constructed, the racket features professional grade ultra-light rubber, that will make the paddle feel like a feather.

The blade is made out of 6 plies of light wood, on top of which, sits 2mm of sponge. With countless microscopic air bubbles that bind together, this premium rubber enables good speed and decent spin while providing excellent control.


stiga evolution construction

The handle uses a technology called Shock Dispersion Tube, which basically means that the handle is hollowed out. This has the effect of absorbing vibrations and to dissipate the shockwaves created by hitting the ball, which in turn results in improved control and feel.

The hollow handle makes the paddle very lightweight, allowing for longer play time without fatigue.

Having such a light handle does make it top heavy, and can affect the balance of the paddle overall. This is actually the complete opposite of the STIGA Pro Carbon which has a metal rod in its handle.

The good

Like any other sport, control plays a major role in the success of its players. Being able to place the ball where you want on the table, literally makes the difference between a win and a loss. Fortunately, this paddle was created with that exact focus in mind.

Defensive players will return balls on the table with great precision while those that are trying to improve their technique, will have more security in their shots without sacrificing too much power.

If you are upgrading from a cheaper paddle—like the ones that come with the table— you will be amazed by the amount of spin that you are now able to generate.

stiga evolution bottom

This bat is not intended for the novice user though, but for the intermediate one with that “in your face” competitive mentality. Its light weight makes it especially good for players who enjoy being close to the table.

Those wanting to compete in tournament play can do so with no problems whatsoever, as the Evolution has received approval from the International Table Tennis Federation.

The bad

As we well know, what works for one person may not necessarily work for another. This is the case with the Evolution lightweight handle, which received some less than favorable assessments, contrary to the multitude of positive encounters.

While lighter is better for most people, other not so impressed individuals, have reported the inability to maintain control due to the hollow grip. In this case, a heavier paddle would be suggested or extra practice with the feather-like device. Practice does make perfect, after all.

Unfortunately, the STIGA Evolution is not intended for the aggressive player. What you gain in control (and trust me, you gain a lot) you inevitably lose in speed. Those who like playing away from the table will have a hard time getting the ball over the net.

However, the Swedish manufacturer does offer other various paddle models that are specifically engineered for the offensive player(he Pro Carbon comes to mind).


The STIGA Evolution is one of the best table tennis rackets for players wanting to improve their stroke technique. It has outstanding control capabilities, but this does come at a price—speed. It is not as powerful as say, the Pro Carbon, but then again it was not meant to. It was designed from the start to consistently put balls on the table, and it does this effortlessly.

It comes highly rated by customers year after year. As expected, there are instances where the product and the consumer are not a perfect fit for one another, but in this case, the pros significantly outweigh the cons.

Based on the performance that you will get out of this paddle and considering the price point, it’s fair to say, that this is a racket well worth the money. Take good care of it and it will provide its companion with longevity.

Not yet convinced? Go over to Amazon to check what others are saying about the STIGA Evolution.

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            1. Hi- Great review and I agree 100% with your ratings. I recently purchased the Evo and think it is a good paddle. I believe your weight is off slightly on the Evo and Pro Carbon. (mine Evo weighs 154g per scale). There seem to be discrepancies on the weight posted in specs on the internet. Not trying to be critical, just ‘for your information’.


            2. Thanks for the review!
              Which rubber would you recommend to put on this blade to get more speed but not to lose controll?
              After 6 months of playing I put 729 cross and Milky way Mercury 2 and was deeply disapointed.

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