STIGA Apex Review

If you are tired of playing with cheap, low-quality paddles, and want a solid, inexpensive racket, then the STIGA Apex is the best choice you can make.

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Quick Summary

STIGA Apex is the lowest offering in terms speed and performance from the top five pre-made rackets that STIGA makes. The good news is that it is also the cheapest one. This bat is miles ahead in terms of performance and quality compared with the wooden paddles that come with the table.

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Manufacturer features

STIGA is one of the most well known and respected table tennis brands in the world. Year after year, they receive excellent reviews from satisfied customers, praising product quality and performance.

Here are some specifications listed on their website:

  •         Performance Ratings- Speed: 65 Spin: 52 Control: 80
  •         Rubber: Drive inverted with ACS technology
  •         Handle: Concave Italian composite with WRB system
  •         Sponge: 2.0mm
  •         Blade: 5-ply extra light


The Apex is assembled out of five layers of extra light plywood. It features STIGA’s WRB technology that enhances shot precision and permits a faster return. The concave handle is very comfortable to hold, and it will give you more security in your stroke when performing forehand smashes.

The many microscopic air capsules in the inverted rubber give the paddle a lot of power while preserving a very good level of control.

The paddle is one of the most lightweight paddles on the market. Because it weighs only 149g you will be able to block shots with ease and to play for a considerably longer period.

The good

Coming from a cheaper paddle, the STIGA Apex will allow you to suddenly place more shots on table’s surface and give the ball a lot more speed. It has decent spin for serving, and the power should be enough to block and hit the ball without much effort.

It is also ITTF approved, but you will probably progress to a better racket by the time you will want to compete in tournaments.

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The bad

The bat is aimed at complete beginners. It is not a fast paddle by any means and the spin is modest at best. At this price, this should not come as a surprise.

Some users have reported a few quality issues, but the vast majority had no problems and are very happy with their purchase.


This is a great and affordable table tennis racket for entry level players learning the game. It is vastly superior to the basic paddles that come with the table. The increased control will help players develop good stroke mechanics and at the same time will give them more confidence in their shots.

You will struggle to find a paddle with better performance and build quality at this price.

If you are serious about the game, you will outgrow the Apex in a couple of months. When that happens, you should consider the Pro Carbon from the same company if you develop a more offensive style or the STIGA Evolution if you find yourself playing more defensively.

Not yet convinced? Go over to Amazon to see what others are saying about the Stiga Apex.

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