Rivon Ping Pong Paddle Set Review

If you’re shopping for a great table tennis paddle that will help you improve your game, but you’re working within a budget, you should consider the Rivon Ping Pong Paddle Set. It’s a professional grade ping pong paddle that offers power and precision for the serious table tennis player who is set on improving his or her game. It’s suitable for people of all ages and skill levels, making it one of the most versatile sets on the market today.

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Quick Summary

This is a very good paddle set that is ideal for kids or for couples. There are 2 paddles and 3 balls with a carrying case included in the set. It’s offered at a crazy affordable price, and it’s a great value because it’s made of high-quality materials and designed for high performance and attacking style. Lucian Munteanu endorses this paddle and if it’s good enough for Lucian, this should give you confidence in knowing it will help improve your game. It also comes with a free ebook that further adds value to the package.

  • add_circle_outline Professional level rubber
  • add_circle_outline Decent spin with good control
  • remove_circle_outline Rubber is not replaceable

Manufacturer features

The Rivon company manufactures affordable tennis table rackets with high-quality materials and advanced technologies. They’re new on the scene, but their products come with high recommendations and endorsement from professionals in the business. The paddle is suitable for players of all ages. It’s a professional level racket with decent spin and adequate power that doesn’t diminish control, thanks to the foam beneath the rubber. The following features are provided by the manufacturer.

  • 7 ply lightweight wooden blade
  • Beginner through professional skill level
  • 1.8 mm white sponge
  • Professional grade rubber material
  • Performance ratings: Power 92; Control 95; Spin 95
  • Medium soft feel
  • Factory sealed in plastic wrap for protection
  • Plastic case included


The blade of the racket is made from 7 plies of lightweight wood material. Professional grade, ITTF standards rubber covers the 1.8 mm layer of sponge that gives Rivon paddle a medium soft feel. It’s designed for power, precision, and speed with a perfect balance of premium materials for more spin yet no loss of control. The 1.8 mm layer of sponge enhances the power when you make contact with the ball, for powerful returns.


The good

This tennis table racket is an excellent value considering all you get and at what price. It is not cheaply made. The materials used in the construction of this racket are all high quality/premium. It is designed for use by players who favor the attacking style. The sponge layer gives it the power for aggressive serves and returns, and the reverse rubber adds to the control while giving it a decent spin. This racket is suitable for all ages, but it is a good choice for anyone, whether beginner, intermediate or advanced, who wants to improve their playing skills.

The included carrying case keeps the 2 pro grade paddles and the 3 balls clean and safe from dirt contamination. The unique design that makes this racket powerful without losing control is one of its most remarkable features. The soft feel adds to comfort when playing for extended periods of time.

Also, a free ebook is included to give you useful tricks and tips for improving your table tennis skills.


The bad

Although this paddle is made to ITTF factory standards, it has not yet been approved because it is still a new product and has not been on the market that long. This could be a problem if you’re planning to play in an official competition. While this racket offers power and control, it is not the most powerful racket. Any racket that offers such good control makes a sacrifice of the amount of power that is possible.

Like many other rackets on the market, the rubber is not replaceable when it wears out. The sponge is a decent thickness of 1.8 mm but it would offer more power if the thickness was increased to 2.0 mm.


This is an awesome paddle set that will make a great gift for your kids that are just learning or for yourself to take your game up a notch. It comes in a set of two with 3 top quality balls and a carrying case included. You don’t get more value than this.

It is endorsed by Lucian Munteanu as a high performing quality table tennis racket which should give you an idea of the overall performance and value. Celebrity endorsement of a product increases its value because professional athletes place their reputations on the line when they believe in the products that they’re representing.

If you are on a budget and you’re looking for an affordable racket that is still of high quality, then the Rivon set is one of the best options.

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