Killerspin JET800 Review

The Killerspin Jet 800 is an amazing pre-made table tennis paddle that offers outstanding performance on both power and spin.

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Quick Summary

This racket is the best that Killerspin has to offer in the pre-made category. It uses top of the line components that gives it a lot of speed as well as spin. Like the Pro Carbon though, it can be hard to control for a less skilled player.

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Manufacturer features

Killerspin is a top American table tennis equipment brand. They have helped professional players win games for decades and continue to do so to this day. These are the specifications listed on their website:

  •         7-ply wood + 2 carbon layers for increased power and performance
  •         Lightest, most powerful JET-Series rackets with stylish wooden side tape
  •         ITTF approved, 2.0mm high tension Nitrx-4Z rubber
  •         Ratings out of 10: Speed 9.5, Spin 9.0, Control 8.0
  •         Comes with a 30-day warranty


The Jet 800 is built out of 7 layers of wood which are mixed with 2 layers of carbon. This gives it a lot of speed while also keeping it lighter.

The main thing that will catch your eye though, will be the premium rubber. The Nitrix-4z is a very fast rubber that will impress even the more skeptical of players. Its grippy surface will help you loop balls with ease, and combined with the carbon infused blade, it will allow you to hit the ball further from the table.

One thing that you don’t see often in pre-assembled rackets is the rubber also being sold separately. You can combine it with a different blade, and make your own custom racket, that fits your needs perfectly.

But all of this will mean nothing if you cannot hold the bat comfortably. Luckily the Jet 800 features a flared, ergonomic handle that will give you security in your shots while feeling like you could hold it for hours.

Being ITTF approved, it is used by Olympic players like champion Chen Qi and Ilija Lupulesku in many of their competitions. If they trust this paddle to win games, so can you.

The good

You will definitely be amazed by the power that you can get out of this paddle. The ball will fly at insane speeds, allowing you to hit the ball from a greater distance, effortlessly. It is faster than the Pro Carbon, but not by an important margin.

The spin is also massive. They don’t call it Killerspin for nothing. The ball will stick to its grippy surface, making your serves and forehand loops a real problem for your opponents. While being a very tacky rubber, it is not so responsive to incoming spin, which gives you a larger margin for error.

JET800 case and paddle

Offensive players will be happy to know that this is not a light paddle. At 190g it is one of the heaviest ones out there. Striking the ball with 190 grams of rubber, wood and carbon will send the ball flying at tremendous speeds.

This makes it a great paddle for intermediate to advanced players that have some ability placing balls with precision on the table surface.

The bad

The Jet 800 is a fast racket, no doubt about it. But with great speed also comes decreased control. If you are coming from a cheaper, slower paddle, it may take you awhile to get used to its power. Try closing the bat angle more and you should be winning games in no time.

Being so heavy, some users may find themselves fatigued after using the racket. This is especially true for those playing more defensively.

This paddle is the closest alternative to the Pro Carbon, having similar capabilities. It has a bit more speed and spin but not enough to justify the price increase. Most players will not make use of the small increase in performance and will be better off getting the Pro Carbon.

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The Killerspin Jet 800 is a great racket. The excellent rubber combined with the carbon infused blade produces a rapid and spinny shot. It is best suited for offensive players that like to hit the ball while being away from the table.

Because of its weight, defensive players and choppers will want to look at other, lighter alternatives. The STIGA Evolution might be a better choice, as it will allow for more swings without your arm getting tired.

The fact that is more expensive than its competitors while not offering a lot more performance makes it a bit hard to recommend. If you already have the Pro Carbon and you are not satisfied with its performance, then go ahead and get the Jet 800. Otherwise, I think, the STIGA Pro Carbon has the better value.

Still not convinced? Go over on Amazon to check what others are saying about the Jet 800 or check out our guide to the best ping pong paddles you can buy right now to see how the JET 800 compares with our number one on the list.

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