Killerspin JET 400 Review

Killerspin Jet 400 is a shakehand style paddle that offers a great balance between power and control. It is a great choice for those playing closer to the table.

Killerspin Jet 400

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Quick Summary

The racket is best suited for the advanced beginner that has just learned the different strokes and is looking for a little more performance to take his game to the next level. The Jet 400 will help you generate good amounts of spin and allow you to put a lot of power behind your hits.

  • add_circle_outline Great control
  • add_circle_outline Good spin
  • remove_circle_outlineA bit too heavy
  • remove_circle_outline Not as fast

Manufacturer features

Killerspin is one of the top American table tennis equipment brands and their products are trusted by professional players all over the world. This are the specs listed on their website:

  •         Ideal for intermediate players transitioning to advanced-level play
  •         TTF approved, 1.8mm high-tension Nitrx-4Z rubber
  •         6.4mm medium thickness blade with flared handle for feel and control
  •         Ratings out of 10: Speed 7.0, Spin 9.0, Control 8.0
  •         Comes with a 30-day warranty


The racket features a five layered wooden blade and a flared handle that sits very well in your hand. For a 5 ply blade, it is very rigid and plays especially well when used for forehand drives or pushing.

The Nitrix-4Z is a premium rubber that is also used on the higher end products from Killerspin like the Jet 700 or Jet 800. One of its best features is that it will allow you to put a lot of spin on the ball while still giving you a lot of room for error when returning shots. As with all paddles, the tackiness does wear off quickly if you won’t clean it regularly.

Of course, it is ITTF approved, so you will be able to compete in tournaments.

The good

The paddle performs very well in strokes like the forehand loops and backspin serving.

Players that find themselves smashing the ball often will be glad to know that this is not a light paddle. The added weight will give you a lot more power when swinging the bat.

For its speed, the racket has very good control and will allow you to put a lot more balls on the table accurately.

Unlike other manufacturers out there, Killerspin has a 30-day warranty policy that will guarantee you will get a very high-quality product.


The bad

Because of the lower quality blade, the Jet 400 will not give you huge amounts of speed. It has a lot more power than the STIGA Titan for example, but much less than the STIGA Pro Carbon or the Killerspin Jet 800.

Defensive players will not be happy about the paddle’s weight. At 182g you will have a difficult time chopping the ball or blocking for extended periods of time.


The Killerspin Jet 400 is a great paddle for the player that feels like he cannot get any more performance out of his current racket but is not advanced enough to handle the more powerful options out there.

It has just enough power to send the ball on the other side effortlessly, while still giving you enough control to keep improving your strokes. Players that find themselves hitting the ball closer to the table will find this racket to be a better fit.

Not yet convinced? Go over to Amazon to check what others are saying about the Killerspin Jet 400.

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