JOOLA Rosskopf Classic Review

The JOOLA Rosskopf Classic is an expensive table tennis paddle that unfortunately does not deliver on performance. Its not all bad though.


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Quick Summary

This is marketed as an advanced, high-performance racket, but compared to its competitors, it falls short. It is a decent paddle, but it simply does not justify its price. You do get free, mini-racket keychain, which is nice.

  • add_circle_outline Decent control
  • add_circle_outline Keychain is a nice touch
  • remove_circle_outline Way too expensive

Manufacturer features

Joola is a German manufacturer that has been making table tennis equipment since 1950. They are a sponsor of the US National Team. These are some specifications that you can find on their official site:

  •         Smooth 4 You rubber
  •         Flared handle
  •         Five-ply veneer
  •         Performance Ratings- Speed: 100  Spin: 98 Control: 76


The racket uses JOOLA technology, such as the Ergo Grip and the Power Grip Sponge for absorbing vibrations. It is very comfortable to hold and it has a nice feel to it.

The JOOLA Classic has an ITTF approved, inverted “4 You” rubber and 2 mm sponge which should increase the speed and spin. But because it is made of only 5 plies of veneer wood, you should not expect much speed from it.

The good

This racket definitely has more speed and spin than the ones you find at local recreational centers. The ball will fly further and your service will finally start winning you points.

Having a modest amount of speed and spin, (compared with similar rackets in the price range), it naturally excels at control, which should help with accuracy and ball placement. It is a little bit on the heavy side, making it perfect for fast, flat shots and smashes.

One unique thing about the paddle is that it comes with a free mini-racket key chain. It is made of wood and rubber just like a real paddle and it has a small chain attached. You can finally play ping pong with your cat now.


The bad

Being marketed towards advanced players, you would expect some serious power. Not the case.

The speed that this paddle can generate is unimpressive, to say the least. This is most likely due to it being made out of only 5 plies and no carbon whatsoever.

If you are a serious player that clocks in at least 8 hours a week, then you will not be happy to hear that this is not a durable racket. Many users reported that the rubber started to peel off after a couple of weeks or that the handle just outright broke.


The Rosskopf is a bat that is best used by the intermediate player that likes to play from mid to far distance. If you are a JOOLA fan and you don’t mind overspending, then, by all means, go ahead and get this one.

But I cannot recommend this paddle when there are so many other better alternatives.

Compared with the other pre-made paddles in its category I’d say that the Rosskopf sits well under them in terms of performance. This would not be that bad if the price reflected this. But unfortunately, this is not the case.

There are simply better rackets at this price and it would not make sense to buy the Rosskopf. It gets outclassed by the JET 800 or the STIGA Evolution easily, both of which are cheaper by the way.

Not convinced and want to see some other opinions? Go over to Amazon and check what others are saying about the JOOLA Carbon Pro.

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