Joola Carbon Pro Review

Joola Carbon Pro is a decent table tennis racket with average performance ratings.It is best suited for the intermediate player that needs a faster paddle as soon as possible.

Joola Carbon Pro in case

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Quick Summary

This is an expensive paddle for the performance you’re getting. It has good control but unfortunately not much else.  You can put decent spin on the ball, but then again you can do that with a more cheaper paddle too.

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  • add_circle_outline Decent spin
  • remove_circle_outline Too expensive for performance


The paddle is constructed from 5 plies of wood that are infused with an additional 2 layers of carbon. These layers make use of the Carbonwood technology, which gives the blade a larger sweet spot and less vibration-a combination that increases shot precision.

The rubber sits on a 1.9mm sponge, which makes it tacky enough for serving and some forehand loops. At the same time, it is not responsive enough to incoming spin, giving you a higher margin for error returning the ball.

The ITTF have approved this racket for tournament play so you can go ahead and sign up without any worries.

The good

The racket has great control. After a small adjustment period, you will be able to land more balls on the table with ease. The rubber is very forgiving, allowing you to learn faster and have more confidence in your strokes.

This is a good paddle for an intermediate player that is upgrading from a cheap, low-performance paddle.

While this is not the most powerful racket out there, it is fast enough for most players. Defensive and normal players will not be disappointed. For offensive players though, there are definitely better alternatives.

If this is your first serious paddle, the spin will feel insanely powerful. Suddenly, your opponents will miss the table a lot more.

The carbon gives the Carbon Pro a larger sweet spot, which will give you more a more powerful and secure shot.

At 170g, it is definitely on the heavy side. Offensive players that find themselves smashing the ball often will really like the added weight.


The bad

Unfortunately, for its price, the paddle has only average speed and spin.  It’s like a calmed down version of STIGA Pro Carbon but at approximately the same price.

If you are a defensive player who likes to block a lot, the weight might not be that great for you, as you will become tired fairly quickly.


The JOOLA Carbon Pro is a good paddle for a player making the transition from recreational to competitive play. It has decent power and spin while maintaining a good amount of control.

All of this would be great if it was a little cheaper. Being at the same price point as the STIGA Pro Carbon makes is very hard to recommend. An intermediate or advanced player will get a lot more performance out of the STIGA paddle while paying the same.

If you had a JOOLA racket in the past and you were happy with it then go ahead and get this one. It is a very good paddle. If however, this is your first serious purchase I recommend you go with the STIGA Pro Carbon instead.

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