Paddle reviews

STIGA Pro Carbon Review


If you are looking for a great table tennis paddle to take your game to the next level, then look no more. Stiga Pro Carbon is one of the best pre-made paddles you can get right now.

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STIGA Evolution Review


STIGA Evolution is an excellent pre-assembled racket that provides an outstanding level of control. Intermediate players that play closer to the table will love this one.

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STIGA Apex Review


If you are tired of playing with cheap, low-quality paddles, and want a solid, inexpensive racket, then the STIGA Apex is the best choice you can make.

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Killerspin JET 400 Review


Killerspin Jet 400 is a shakehand style paddle that offers a great balance between power and control. It is a great choice for those playing closer to the table.

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STIGA Titan Review


STIGA Titan is one of the best pre-made paddles for beginners. It is inexpensive and provides the player with excellent control.

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Joola Carbon Pro Review


Joola Carbon Pro is a decent table tennis racket with average performance ratings.It is best suited for the intermediate player that needs a faster paddle as soon as possible.

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Rivon Ping Pong Paddle Set Review


This is a very good paddle set that is ideal for kids or for couples. There are 2 paddles and 3 balls with a carrying case included in the set. It’s offered at a crazy affordable price, and it’s a great value because it’s made of high-quality materials and designed for high performance and attacking style.

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