The Best Ping Pong Paddle Holders

ping-pong-paddle-holders Most ping-pong tables come with a section where you can keep your paddles and balls, but some don’t. If you have a ping-pong table with a paddle for each family member then you might need a racket holder. It is usually made out of some nylon fabric and attaches to the table side for easy access. There is another type of ping pong paddle holder though. It is made out of wood and it can be wall mounted. This type of rack is perfect if you want to show off your paddle. Here are the best paddle holders on the market that you can get today.

3. Puredrop Table Tennis Organizer Case

This is the cheapest paddle holder you can get. It can store 4 paddles and 4 balls. Perfect for the family table tennis table. It easily attaches to the side of the table with a velcro strip. This means that you can at any time detach the holder bag and take it with you as a portable carrying case. If you don’t want to stick the strip to the table you also have the option of attaching the case with bolts or strings as it comes with 2 metal eyelet holes. The design is very simplistic, some will like this, some will not. The material is very durable and considering you will not be putting too much pressure on, it should last you a very long time. If you find that you are losing your paddles or that they get dusty because you are storing them in the open then this paddle holder will greatly improve your experience. And considering the price, it is a no-brainer.

2. Franklin Sports Industry Varsity Tennis Set

Very similar to the Puredrop but with a very significant difference. The paddle holder includes 4 ping pong paddles and 6 balls in the package. These paddles are pretty low quality as you can expect but they are good enough for kids and casual players. They are pips-out style rackets so the spin that can be generated will be minimal but they are more than enough for basic volleys and strokes. If you want a more serious paddle we have a “best of” article that should make choosing easier.  It should be on the right side of the page. This paddle holder attaches only by bolts or strings as it does not include an adhesive velcro strip. The Franklin Sports set offers a lot of value for the price. Not only you get a great paddle holder but you also get 4 paddles and balls with it making it one of the best starter kit available for your family.

1. Ping Pong Paddle and Ball Holder

Unlike the other two, this one is designed to be attached to a wall. It also doubles as a display case for your beautiful table tennis rackets. The build quality is pretty good as it is made from multiple layers of designer Birch wood and has a smooth finish. You will need two screws to attach this paddle rack to the wall and unfortunately they are not included. It can hold 2 paddles and 4 balls making it more suitable for couples or playing singles games. Although it costs a little bit more than the others, it makes up for it with the stylish look and high quality-build.