The Best Ping Pong Paddle Cases of 2022

best ping pong cases Table tennis is full of legendary match-ups. Just recently we had a spectacular match between Ma Long and Timo Boll in the semi-final of 2017’s Men’s World Cup. Today, we’re talking about a different match-up, that of paddle and case. It’s surprising to see how much people are willing to invest in a paddle, only to sling it in a cheap case which damages the edges or rubber. To make sure that doesn’t happen to you, here are the best table tennis cases available right now. I could only include on image for each one so be sure to check out their respective links for more images as they are all very beautiful products.

1. Killerspin Barracuda paddle bag

Killerspin Barracuda Table Tennis Paddle Bag
Killerspin is a big deal in table tennis. They sponsor four different championships and provide equipment to the entire roster of the US men’s table tennis team. The Barracuda is a reinforced polyester carry case for up to two rackets with an extra pouch for balls. Paddle cases typically come in three shapes: oblong, rectangle and fitted. This case is oblong which prevents the sides of your paddle coming into contact with the edges, or zipper of the bag. This plays an important role in preserving the life of your paddle by protecting the edges of the rubber. The padded polyester material helps to reduce dings to the wood should you knock it during transport. Equipment in this price range is as much about practicality as it is about protection. This case holds up to two paddles at a time which are individually strapped to prevent them knocking against one another during transit. The exterior ball pocket is nice and loose which means they won’t press against the precious rubber on your paddles causing dents. Overall, it’s a nice looking paddle case which offers a lot more versatility and protection than its price tag suggests.

2. Killerspin Optima Table Tennis Paddle Bag

Killerspin Optima Table Tennis Paddle Bag
The perfect table tennis paddle case if you want protection in a beautiful and stylish package. It is so nice you will take this carry bag with you everywhere as you will want to show off this baby as much as possible. This is as much a man purse as it is a racket case. It even features a side pocket that allows you to keep your personal items like a wallet, phone or tablet. But it is not all bling. This is a very high-quality case made out of high durability fabric and a foam inlay for increased protection. It also comes with a mesh interior pocket to store your balls and a comfortable handle. The foam interior has with an elastic strap on each side and can safely hold up to two rackets. The Optima case perfectly combines style with utility and does it while keeping the price in a very attractive range. This could also be an awesome gift for your friend or family member.

3. JOOLA Table Tennis Tour Case

JOOLA Table Tennis Tour Case with 18 40mm Three Star Competition Balls
Most professional table tennis players use a hard case for their racket. They know that the quality of the rubber is essential in a competition where every little detail counts. For absolute security, there is no other better case type. You can practically throw the case across the room and have no problems whatsoever. This case is made by Joola, a German company that has been making table tennis products since 1950 and they are the official table & apparel sponsor of USA Table Tennis. What is special about this case though is that it comes with 18 three star Joola balls included. This alone should help you make your decision right away as you are practically getting an awesome case for free. The balls are of the highest quality and should last you for a long while. The interior is made out of a foam mold that is in the shape of the balls on one side and a ping pong paddle on the other. Most rackets should fit nicely and securely. It also has a plastic handle to help you carry this around easier. If you have a very expensive table tennis bat it is almost insane to keep it in a low quality paddle bag. The Joola tour case offers extreme protection and the fact that you get 18 high quality balls with it makes it an irresistible option.

4. Duplex paddle case

Duplex Ping Pong Paddle Case
In sports equipment, you’re always faced with two choices. The first is to go with a reputable brand like Killerspin which you can trust to deliver a top quality product. The second is to opt for a lesser known brand where you won’t be paying extra for the name on the cover. Duplex falls into the second category. The lower price doesn’t necessarily mean a lower quality product. This carry case is made using nylon which is one of the most resilient materials on the planet. It’s naturally waterproof and wear resistant which means you can expect a decent return in terms of lifespan. Design-wise this paddle case is hardly pushing the boundaries. It’s an oblong shape with a padded foam interior. There’s handy extras in a separate ball pouch and wrist grip for easy carrying. Duplex Ventures is a newcomer in the sports market but they trust the quality of their products enough to offer a no questions asked return policy which takes the risk out of the investment. The price is exceptionally low, which is to be expected from a newcomer, but the case itself feels well-made and practical. A best buy for those on a tighter budget.

5. Killerspin Hard Table Tennis Paddle Bag

Killerspin Hard Table Tennis Paddle Bag
This one is also a Killerspin product. What makes this case different is its form. It is constructed from a semi-rigid polyester fabric which ensures that your paddles will not get damaged even if pressure is put on the outside of the case. It features an elastic fastener on each side to make sure that your paddles don’t touch each other in the case and also that they avoid touching the sides. Because it is a tall and hard case, there is a lot of room inside for a couple of table tennis balls, and you can rest assured that they won’t put any pressure on the racket surface. The red wrist grip is just an added bonus. This is the perfect case for a semi-professional player as it gives a lot of protection and can hold multiple rackets. It offers great value for the price.